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Honest Filipina Barista Honored By Dubai police

Dubai Police

An honest Filipina barista was honored by the Dubai police after returning a bag containing cash and checks amounting to just over $191,000.

Mae Ann Olmidillo works at a coffee shop in Dubai Mall. When she found the bag, she never hesitated to return it to the owner.

“Hindi po akin iyon at alam kong may return si God para sa akin (It was not mine, and I knew God will provide something in return),” she said.

The bag contained DH195,000 ($53,000) and two checks worth DH500,000 ($136,000) and DH6,250 ($1,700) which is equivalent to around $191,700. There was also a checkbook and several important documents.

Dubai Police officials surprised Mae Ann during her shift and awarded her with a certificate of recognition and a gift for her honesty.