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A Guide To Golf In Dubai


If you were to ask a group of golfers how many golf courses there are in Dubai, it is likely none of them would come up with the right answer – which is eleven. However, in recent years golf holidays in Dubai have exploded in popularity with thousands of UK golfers flocking to the “City of Golf” to play a full 18.

Many will have seen golf in Dubai on the television at the Emirates Golf Club and the Jumeirah Estates course. These two courses hold two prestigious professional events there each year. They set the standard in terms of spectacular golf courses, but you would not be disappointed with the quality of the other nine courses!

It is widely accepted that Dubai has some of the finest golf courses in the world. Many of them designed by the world’s leading golf course architects and certainly, much like most things in Dubai, no expense has been spared to create top-quality courses.

If the golf courses are outstanding, then many of the Hotels have achieved almost legendary status.

The iconic Burj al Arab, one of the most famous hotels in the world, is certainly at the top end of the scale in terms of quality and cost. It is worth mentioning however, there are many more luxury hotels at alternative rates that will more than satisfy the most discerning traveler. A 5-star golf holiday awaits you!

What is the best way to get to Dubai?

Dubai is easily accessible from most UK airports.

You can find direct flights with Emirates, British Airways, Royal Brunei and Virgin from various airports.

There are Cheaper flights available, which can be found with airlines that have a plane change or short transit in Europe or elsewhere such as KLM or Air France which would mean a plane change in either Amsterdam or Paris, but their advantage is you can take a connecting flight from most UK airports near where you live.

What is the flight time to Dubai?

The flight time for a direct flight to Dubai is just under ten hours and the fastest for a connecting flight is about thirteen hours long.

Golf in Dubai

Dubai is truly the perfect destination for a luxury golf holiday. The Jumeirah Golf Estates is the venue in which the European Tour holds its annual end of season event. This event has greatly increased the profile of Dubai as a golfing destination around the world.

The Emirates Golf Club has hosted the Omega Desert classic since 1989 and has a roll call of winners that includes the cream of European golf.

It is worth pointing out that The Emirates has another course, which opened in 1996, named the Faldo. The course was redesigned by Sir Nick and since then, it is well worth playing.

The Jumeirah also has a second course called the Fire Course which is a links-style design by Greg Norman and many locals prefer to play that course rather than the better-known Earth course.

Although these are two of the more recognisable golf complexes in Dubai, they are by no means the only ones to play. The Dubai Creek course is close to both the Airport and the City center.

The top 10 golf courses in Dubai

  1. The Emirates Golf Club – Majilis Course
  2. Jumeirah Golf Estate – Earth Course
  3. Dubai Creek Golf Club
  4. Jumeirah Golf Estate – Fire Course
  5. The Address Montgomerie Golf Course
  6. The Emirates Golf Club – Faldo Course
  7. Arabian Ranches Golf Club
  8. The Els Club
  9. The Track Meydan Golf
  10. Jebel Ali Golf Club

Other things to do in Dubai

Dubai is, of course, famous for luxury shopping.  You will find numerous malls such as, The Dubai Mall, which as well as a Bloomingdale’s and designer department store Fashion Avenue, has an Olympic size ice rink and Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo!

No matter where you stay, you will only be a short ride away from shopping heaven.

Dubai is truly a shopper’s paradise.

On your stay, you must visit the incredible Burj Khalifa. This architectural masterpiece is a must see and combined with the Burj Al Arab demonstrates a stunning example of luxury.

It would also be a shame to miss out on a desert safaris adventure in a 4×4 vehicle or on a camel – there are plenty of day trips with various companies that can be arranged locally.