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Some Major Projects Expected To Complete In Dubai 2019


Dubai real estate industry is getting mature over the time and analysts consider it the right time to buy property as Expo 2020 is ahead and prices are the lowest cost. There are different projects which are going to complete in the next year along with 166,000 residential units. There projects are of various types, but the majority of projects are categorized as luxurious ones. Here are some major projects that will be handed over in 2019.

Bluewater Residences

It is located in Bluewater Island and known for its extravagant and vibrant lifestyle. The project offers all basic and luxurious amenities to residents including hospital, restaurants, dining, spas, and other entertainment options. The place is present in the center of Ain Dubai and called the paradise of shopping lovers. Transportation system is of premium quality and multi-mode transport system makes commute effortless.

The society offers one, two, three, and four bedroom apartments which offer great facilities to people. The place never disappoints you when it comes to lavish lifestyle as spectacular beacons around the coastline makes the city worth seeing.

Golf Views in Emaar South

It is another long-awaited project that will complete in 2019. Emaar South is a heaven of stylish apartments and community. Beautiful golf courses are present in the city which are full of leafy trees and exotic flowers. Pathways are extremely amazing while the infinity pool and lush green spaces prove it one of the best places of the city. Golf views is perfect for families as you see peace and lavish amenities everywhere.

1 JBR in Jumeirah Beach Residences

1 JBR is located against the skyline of Dubai skyline and adjacent to Jumeirah Beach Residence (JBR). It has 2, 3 bedroom apartments while 5 bedroom penthouses are also present there. The 43-story building is known for the iconic address and amazing location. The interior of the houses and extremely striking and offers stunning views.

Harbour Views in Dubai Creek Harbour

Harbor views are second to none in spectacular beauty and the twin residential buildings soar high above the creek and presents beautiful views. The place is easily accessible to gourmet, restaurants, cafes, and world-class entertainment. Dubai Creek Harbour is a project of Emaar city and located near Ras Al Khor that depicts the bright future of the city. Amazing architecture, striking interior, and eye-catchy exterior are the outstanding features Harbour Views presents. Modernized innovation can be viewed everywhere and the place offer various futuristic prospects.

Maple in Dubai Hills

Maple is a unique community designed along the biodiverse place and green corridors. It has two to three bedroom apartments and present at Dubai Hills Estate. The project is completed in the shortest time period and also sold-out during its off-plan stage.

Bvlgari In Jumeirah Bay

It is a part of The Bvlgari Resort which is located on man-made beach. The gigantic project is developed on 1.7 million sq. ft area and has lush green grounds, hotels, and marine complex. The place offers amazing entertainment opportunities and world class facilities. Lush green grounds and extended open areas are prominent features of Bvlgari in Jumeirah Bay and it’s going to be the world’s sixth Bvlgari hotel and resort.

The project is headed by Antonio Citterio Patricia and the project is designed in a unique manner. Every home has green terraces and beautiful pristine sand stuns every eye. The interior and exterior of the houses reflect the standards of Dubai and its luxurious living.

Vida Residence in Downtown Dubai

Vida Residence is a project of Emaar Builders who are designing next generation houses, hotels, and buildings. The project will complete in 2019 and the hotel features 320 units including 2 to 3 bedroom apartments. It is a 53-story building full of luxurious lifestyle and linked directly to Vida Downtown Dubai. The extravagant hotel is present opposite to Souk Al Bahar and set apart mesmerizing beauty. As per the latest information, residential units will be handover to residents in July, 2019.

The Pulse in Dubai South

The world class location is a master planned area within an urban location and spread around 70-metre wide and 6-lane Boulevard. The innovation and creation of the place is really impressive and the wide range of amenities include retail, hospitality, spa, and entertainment opportunities. No matter whether you want to visit a great educational institution or a fitness center, everything is present at arm’s length. Well strategically designed city has 8 parts which include hotels, mosques, apartments, boulevard, shopping malls, and townhouses. The Pulse aims to deliver impressive living standards to residents and focuses on the well-being of the people. The marvelous project can be distinguished from its superior building designs, supreme interior, and lavish exterior.

Opera Grand Downtown Dubai

Opera Grand is another project of Emaar builders. 70-story building has superb apartments which are well-proportioned and beautifully furnished. The building has 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 bedroom apartments while the building is located in proximity to Burj Khalifa and Dubai Opera.

Luxurious Amenities Part of Real Estate Property 2019

As mentioned before, Dubai defines the actual meaning of lavish property and every home has extravagant amenities. Dubai real estate is setting new trends for 2019 and establishing amazing standards for the world. The major amenities which are must parts of luxury apartments in Dubai include swimming pools, lush green parks, hospital facility, spa, fitness center, super stores, etc. “Exterior to the standard terrace and parking or a gym, the most significant amenity right now is a swimming pool,” Ms. Katzen said. Every building must have a swimming pool while every villa should have one or two swimming pools. Private beaches are something specific to Dubai and you don’t find such a beautiful man-made beaches in a city in such a big number.

Parking system is extremely innovative and offers advanced features. Enough space is given to every resident and many buildings have spacious parking lots in the basement of the buildings. Natural beauty is everywhere in Dubai and providing a lush green exterior is a top priority of Dubai real estate 2019. To maintain a standard lifestyle, you see exotic plants and flowers everywhere while the entertainment opportunities are not far from the residential villas and apartments.

Final thought:

Analysts believe that Dubai’s high-profile areas will continue to perform in 2019 and it’s the best time to invest in real estate sector. The market has higher chances to stabilize in 2019 due to the great support by the government and satisfactory infrastructure of construction companies.